Welcome Heraeus!

Angelos Elia Corporate, New Products

On the 1st of July 2012 the company Healthpro, a member of the Orphanos Group of companies, became the new and exclusive representative of German company Heraeus in the Cypriot market.





Heraeus is one of the leading manufacturers of dental materials in the world and is considered being a pioneer in its field.

Being a rich in tradition family business, Heraeus works as a private dental practice: during a period of rapid change, Heraeus monitors developments and focuses on future of dentistry. Like all dentists, Heraeus does not think short term, but takes into account what will happen during the next decades and generations.

For Heraeus, innovation and sustainability is the key to long term success. Since 1851 The Heraeus has assumed worldwide responsibility for the economic stability and development of its company and partners, the environment and society. The high-tech products, add reliability and durability to the company (from the microscopic pacemakers, to the laser reflectors made of synthetic glass (quartz) which measures the distance from Earth to the moon on the first moon landing). With deep knowledge of technological materials, applications and users’ needs, Heraeus constantly improve people’s lives.

For many years, Heraeus Dental provides dentists and dental laboratories a full range of aesthetic and functional dental solutions. Continuously adjusting products to meet the changing needs of patients and dentists, Heraeus constructs materials and devices that meet the high demands and provide reliable, flexible, and economical solutions to any everyday practice.

Heraeus perpetuates the gold standard in the dental market from generation to generation – In collaboration with the largest universities in the world, materials are controlled and tested, making sure of their clinical behavior and performance.

Healthpro’s dental product range has become even richer with the inclusion of a company with Heraeus’s potential, thus giving it more prestige. With excellent knowledge and enclosing respective high expertise, Healthpro meets the most specialized market needs by providing solutions tailored to your needs.

For more information about products please contact Heraeus by phoning on 25877240 or by contacting your personal medical visitor.

Soon Greek lists of Heraeus products will be available via the Oprhanos Group Webgate.

Be sure that our products will be worthy of your expectations as we hope to keep excellent relations with our clients on the basis of immediate, accurate and efficient service and the continuing of providing education and training.