Washer Disinfectors – Testing

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Washer Disinfectors – Testing

Offers periodic and validation testing of instrument and bedpan washer disinfectors.

Dentalcon offers a testing service throughout the whole of Cyprus on a weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual basis, to ensure that customers’ Instruments¬†Washer Disinfectors are tested to the relevant European and British standard.

Validation services are also available for the commissioning of new machines or on existing units.

Tests performed include:
Rinse Water, Bioburden (TVC), endotoxins and chemical analysis
Machine cycle verification
Test piece Analysis
Residual Proteins

Outline of service:
Dentalcon  can work with customers to set action limits, alerting them if these limits are met and can advise customers of the best course of action to rectify any adverse results.
A clear and structured report will be produced for the customer outlining the tests and analysis carried out with the results in a reader-friendly format. This can be inserted in to the Logbook for results provided to the customer by Dentalcon (Healthcare) Ltd.

A wide range of microbiological and analytical services are available and a programme of tests can be tailored to satisfy customer’s individual requirements.