Sterilizers – Testing

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Sterilizers – Testing

Offers periodic and validation testing of sterilizers.

Sterilizers Maintenance, Testing and Validation to
HTM 2010 and EN 285, EN 550, EN 554, EN 14180:2003, EN ISO 14937: 2000

Quarterly and Annual testing to HTM2010 performed by a Dentalcon Test Engineer will ensure that the machine is fully validated and that the performance of the machine is optimised for maximum efficiency.

The Following list highlights the major testing tasks to be performed by the Dentalcon Engineer during testing. In addition to this, and according to HTM2010, the Dentalcon Engineer, to keep a regular check on the functionality of the autoclave can perform weekly tests.

Weekly safety check
Vacuum leak test
Automatic control test for each operating cycle
Verification of calibration of sterilizer instruments
Thermometric test for a small load
Performance re-qualification if required
Thermal Door Override test (if applicable)
Full Load Thermometric test
Pharmaceutical Industry
In Line with BS EN 30012-1: 1993, verification of the calibration of sterilizer instruments will be performed by the Dentalcon Engineer. All independent monitoring equipment will be checked for calibration of their measuring devices to UKAS standard.

In Europe, maintenance requirements are governed by regulations. Dentalcon Healthcare Ltd, servicing and testing schedules are designed to fully comply with this regulation.
This includes requirements for routine maintenance and periodic examination.